Foshan pany was founded in 90 years, the company has advanced, comprehensive technical team, specializing in the production of high-grade door pulley series, is a highly professional furniture accessories manufacturers.

Foshan pany by virtue of leading design and excellent quality, won the many customers love. It advocated by science and technology and the pursuit of art. Junaobao shift door pulley series at the point, line, surface search is a kind of home furnishing life balance beauty, persist in the structure design on the retention of the elements of fashion, to meet the needs of the market, every process through the quality of screening. We will make every effort to strive for the majority of customer recognition and favor! Therefore,Foshan pany and modern technology the perfect combination to bring forth the new through the old, continuing to provide consumers with quality for products, services customers; Junaobao fort will go beyond the past, face the future, to provide customers with more high-quality products, to create a better life.

Foshan pany created a better life, looking to the future, we will continue to expand the business, with the dream of passion as in the past to provide better customer service.

We firmly believe that, Foshan pany will be more brilliant tomorrow!

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